12 September 2021 | Cima Città

Cima Città

An Art first identity for Cima Città is an interdisciplinary residency program in a historic chocolate factory in Ticino. It is a space for creation, concentration and connection of committed individuals from the arts, society, politics and science.

Cima Città

1 September 2021 | ÖFF II

The founders of STUDIO SIRUP opening the offspace “ÖFF” the second time.

ÖFF is a travelling offspace, currently located at St. Jakobstrasse 54, 8004 Zurich encourages radical thinking across disciplines by providing practitioners with a space to work and a platform to share ideas that is free and open to all.

We are driven by the recognition that humanity faces unprecedented social, intellectual and spiritual challenges; our programmes explore new ways to meet these challenges by dynamically using the arts and sciences as a lens and catalyst. When humanity comes together and combines the ideas and talents of many, we have the ability to construct what once seemed impossible.

The ÖFF is run by the non-profit association: Köbi3000. And presents several fanzines, limited editions, art magazines and its own publications in the ÖFF Kiosk.


24 August 2021 | Neubad


A Poster for Milion, a 20 year old DJ that grew up in a small town near Eindhoven in the Netherlands. In 2020 Milion had his first release on the well known label Whoyostro, was able to chart at number 10 in the top Minimal chart on Beatport and with many more releases to come on labels like Blind Vision, Distance Music and Airtime, this is definitely not the last thing we’ve heard of him.


21 August 2021 | Intohimo

Big summer bash

Amidst all the uncertainty, we are developing a reassuring campaign around Intohimo spirits. It includes photos and social assets that will be broadcast on digital channels. We're using the tagline: A SHIT YEAR NEEDS A GOOD SCHNAPPS. We'd love to toast to that with you at their summer bash:

1 April 2021 | New Place, new home

We have a new adress

After exactly two years, it's Ciao Piazza Cella. As of now, we are at St. Jakobstrasse 54, 8004 Zurich. A small Biijou, with lots of space for creativity. Drop in spontaneously, we are always looking forward to your visit.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our old studio neighbours PSA Publishers Ltd for giving us shelter and for their big tolerance for good and loud music.

New Place, new home

31 December 2020 | Happy new year


With a small tribute to 2020, we would like to thank you for your attention, support and orders this year. Thank you very much!

Our small artistic work refers to the civil rights movement in America. We stand against racism. Let's put it behind us forever in the coming year.

Happy new year

20 September 2020 | Synhelion

Synhelion turns CO2 into fuel.

Synhelion develops cutting-edge solar technology to reduce global CO2 emissions. We were given the task to make a brand refresh for a bold and distinct impact. We transform how the brand is perceived, and given the big ideas of Synhelion, we changed the way they see themselves.


1 September 2020 | A tribute to style

New SIRUP cap in store.

A tribute to style

28 August 2020 | Internship III

Marc Gertsch

Internship III

3 August 2020 | Arge Cumbia

Arge Cumbia stands as a vibrating name for the joint venture of the two architectural offices of Patrick Schlüter and Christoph Dubler. Together with Sandra Pfeiffer, who was capable to implement the website fresh from her studies, we were able to set a new milestone in the house of Schlüter/Dubler.

Arge Cumbia

6 May 2020 | Officesss

Miss working from the office? Always wanted to know how it feels to work from our studio? Now there is a zoom background just for you.


4 April 2020 | Jazzbois & Blunt one

Le Flah meets Moiré

We gave Moiré a carte blanche for the Le Flah poster, the result is overwhelming with additional stencils and letters.

Poster, silkscreen on spray paint, 895 x 1280 mm

Jazzbois & Blunt one

1 November 2019 | Demo Festival

Sirup makes DEMO

«A festival celebrating the finest motion from the finest studio’s from all around the world. Showcasing work for 24 hours on all 80 digital screens located in Amsterdam Central train station.»

We made it to the international selection with a free work on "Change Climate Change". So hop on the night train and hang out with us at Amsterdam Central.

Demo Festival

1 May 2019 | Piccolo Giardino

6 years Piccolo Giardino

We are looking forward to spending a wonderful day with the Picco team. For 6 years now, we have been graphically accompanying the little oasis in K4 District Downtown. Come by and raise your glasses with us, to another 6 years, to a beautiful summer, to love.

Piccolo Giardino

25 September 2018 | artFAQ

artFAQ is a coworking and community space. A place of work and exchange for production managers and producing artists from the independent theater scene.


30 June 2018 | Internship II

Sandra Pfeiffer

Internship II

22 June 2018 | Openair Wipkingen

Since 2012 designing a local music festival embracing subcultures.

Openair Wipkingen

15 March 2018 | Brudi

Get the «Brudi Grotesk» Font here.


1 January 2018 | B-Day Bash


That's how Michael must have felt during his 4th title with 87-75 against Seattle in the sixth game. We have reviewed the past time and compiled a selection of works and moments that have moved us.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our friend Jonathan, who helped us with the programming over the last two years. Thanks to his help, we could succeed many slam dunks again and again. In the last two summers, first Jan Reimann, who has now graduated, and then Sandra Pfeiffer honored us with their internships. Many thanks for your engagement.

B-Day Bash

15 May 2017 | Angele Massage

Tantric massage is a search for harmony through the mindful, loving, sensual and playful touch.

A soulful brand identity for the Angele Massage.

Angele Massage

19 April 2017 | Internship I

Jan Reimann

Internship I

1 April 2017 | Kino Xenix

Artwork for the Arthouse Cinema «Xenix».

Kino Xenix

2 August 2016 | Boombox im Gonzo


The sun is shining, the weather is sweet - you want to move your dancing feet... SMK come to the rescue: The Boombox is here! We're letting you know that The Gonzo Club Zurich is the place to be! Jah bless!

Boombox im Gonzo

1 May 2016 | Senior Expert Developer

Jonathan Kakon

Senior Expert Developer

20 August 2015 | Clou Architects

A Brand identity for young Architects «Clou» signifies their dedication to community.

Clou Architects

27 June 2015 | Junges Theater Zürich

Young Theater Group ft. STUDIO SIRUP

“Almost every creative problem can be solved in different ways.”

Junges Theater Zürich

12 January 2015 | ÖFF I

The founders of STUDIO SIRUP opening the offspace “ÖFF”

ÖFF is a travelling offspace, currently located at Feldstrasse 21, 8004 Zurich encourages radical thinking across disciplines by providing practitioners with a space to work and a platform to share ideas that is free and open to all.


1 January 2014 | About us

Our Studio

STUDIO SIRUP is covering works in all areas of print and interactive design. We design books, exhibitions, publications, identities and websites for cultural institutions, businesses and individuals.

We are design engineers. Both analogue production processes and software driven procedures define our thinking and lead us to innovative solutions. Science and history form the foundation upon which we build our practice, linking up existing concepts and technologies with novel ideas and approaches.

General enquiries




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